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Support tights 20 den

Support tights 20 den

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Support tights with light support

  • Noticeable relief for varicose veins, heaviness and swollen legs
  • without integrated heel
  • Pleasant feeling of well-being, through better blood circulation, with a beautiful appearance
  • The right pressure in the right places, through electronically controlled thread feed, ensures relaxation of the legs
  • invigorating support
  • Fits like a second skin
Our "invigorating support" support tights from the Bahner Fashion Line collection not only look good, but above all support the veins by compressing them from the ankle upwards. The pressure on the legs is gradually reduced by the anatomically correct course of the support. This makes it easier for blood to transport back to the heart. This makes heavy legs feel lighter, swelling and varicose veins are reduced and the legs are noticeably relieved, creating a feeling of well-being throughout the body. Give your legs more energy and vitality - 20 denier support tights offer you the support you need to get the most out of your day!

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  • Tights with invigorating support (9 mm Hg) – Support class II
  • Toe and heel unreinforced
  • High wearing comfort due to soft seams
  • Skin compatibility proven by eco-certificate
  • High elasticity and stretchability due to positive thread feed
  • easy to put on and take off
  • Long durability thanks to high-quality yarns
  • Production in Italy
  • No sweating: even the stronger support articles are breathable and cooling thanks to a special mesh structure
  • large selection of colours and yarn thicknesses
  • Material : 79% polyamide, 21% elastane
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Customer Reviews

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Annette Drexler
Zufriedene Kundin

Die Strumpfhosen sind super gut und Ihr Service ist ebenso gut.

Frank Pritschow
Stützstrumpfhose 20 Den

Die Strumpfhose ist ihr Geld wert es passt alles werde später noch mal Kaufen.