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Support pants 70 denier

Support pants 70 denier

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  • NOTICEABLE RELIEF: Our BAHNER women's support tights 70den provide noticeable relief for varicose veins, heaviness and swollen legs
  • COMFORTABLE FEELING OF WELL-BEING: Thanks to the decreasing support effect towards the top, our BAHNER women's support tights 70den promote better blood circulation.
  • BEAUTIFUL LOOK: Thanks to the special manufacturing technique, the BAHNER women's support tights 70den not only have a special effect, but also look elegant in fashionable colors.
  • HIGH SUPPORT POWER: The effect of our BAHNER women's support tights 70den supports your legs all day long with noticeable pressure.
  • FITS LIKE A SECOND SKIN: Thanks to the special knitting technology and particularly soft yarns, our BAHNER women's 70den support tights literally fit like a second skin. The sewn-on elastic waistband and the knitted heel ensure a perfect fit.

Details: Support pants 70den with high support

Model: BAHNER101

Binding: Textiles

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