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Hold-up support stockings 70 DEN wide adhesive edge

Hold-up support stockings 70 DEN wide adhesive edge

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Hold-up thigh highs with high support

These hold-up support stockings not only offer a strong support of 140DEN, but also have an integrated heel and 2-row adhesive band for a better fit. Enjoy optimal comfort and a perfect fit with these high-quality stockings! The material is breathable and significantly lighter than conventional compression stockings. This makes them more comfortable to wear, especially in summer.

You can also use hold-up support stockings as an alternative to compression stockings for special occasions such as parties or invitations. The stockings support your legs and look good on your legs. Hold-up support stockings are much easier to put on than compression stockings. Normally, support stockings can be put on without any help. If you need more pressure, we recommend our hold-up support stockings in 140den.


NOTICEABLE RELIEF: Our BAHNER women's hold-up support stockings 70den provide noticeable relief for varicose veins, heaviness and swollen legs.

COMFORTABLE FEELING OF WELL-BEING: Thanks to the decreasing support effect towards the top, our BAHNER women's support stockings 70den support better blood circulation. BEAUTIFUL LOOK: Thanks to the special manufacturing technique, the BAHNER women's support stockings 70den not only have a special effect, but also look very elegant.

STRONG SUPPORT: The effect of our BAHNER women's support stockings 70den noticeably supports your legs.

FITS LIKE A SECOND SKIN: Due to the special knitting technology and particularly soft yarns, our BAHNER women's hold-up stockings 70den literally fit like a second skin.

Details: hold-up support stocking in 70den with high support

Model 201

Material: 89% polyamide, 11% elastane

Binding: Textiles

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Customer Reviews

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Inga Kirkeby

Seit mehrere Jahren kaufe ich Bahner Haltenlose Struempfe mit denen ich sehr zufrieden bin.Ich benutze nur diese Stuempfe, weil der Kreislauf der Beine verbessert wird.Die Bedienung ist auch freundlich. Freundliche Gruesse Inga Kirkeby

Doris Melcher
Ich trage dieses Modell seit Jahren. Ich empfehle die halterlosen Stützstrümpfe

Seit Jahren bin ich damit äußerst zufrieden