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General Information

More than 20 million people in Germany suffer from leg problems or diseases of the venous system.

With BAHNER support stockings you can make an important contribution to the health and beauty of your legs,
because BAHNER support stockings actively support the functioning of your venous system with the anatomically correct course of the support force, i.e. the pressure gradually decreases from the ankle to the thigh.

What causes venous disorders?

Blood circulation is simplified as follows. From the heart, the blood is pumped into the legs via the arteries (red). The task of the veins (blue) is to transport the blood back into the heart. The venous valves inside the veins only open towards the heart and close again in the pauses between pressures so that no blood can flow back into the legs.

How do support stockings help your legs?

When pressure is applied to the leg from the outside, the tissue gets a firmer hold and the veins are compressed. This promotes blood circulation, the venous valves can close again and the typical leg problems can be alleviated or avoided. The blood circulation works again. BAHNER support stockings work on the ankle with the strongest pressure. They hold the shackles and massage the whole day. At the calves your legs are only massaged so strongly that the vein function is optimally supported. There is still a slight pressure on the thigh and hips, but the stocking does not constrict.