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BAHNER support trousers 70 unreinforced

BAHNER support trousers 70 unreinforced

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Experience the ultimate wearing comfort with our BAHNER support trousers 70 unreinforced and improve your vein health at the same time. The high support force (15 mm Hg) relieves and supports your legs, while the comfortable cotton gusset and unreinforced toe, heel and panty section ensure maximum comfort. Treat yourself to luxury support trousers in support class III.

• Elegant toe and unreinforced heel

•Cotton gusset in all sizes for comfort

•Panty part without reinforcement for a natural feel

• Exclusive, knitted special edge for a perfect hold.

Enjoy the ultimate wearing comfort and at the same time improve your vein health with the BAHNER support trousers 70 unreinforced.

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