The Bahner family brought Saxon hosiery knitting tradition and Saxon textile technology to Lauingen. In November 1948, Karl Bahner founded the company "Süddeutsche Wirkerei und Strickerei". With the extra-long flat knitting machines, they started producing nylon stockings and were successful from the beginning. Jörg Bahner later established Bi-Strümpfe and Bi-Strickmoden as the Bi brand and managed it until 1997.
In 1999, Jörg Bahner made a new start with the company "Bahner Strumpf GmbH". The focus was on a clear collection for support articles with a fashionable look and effective support function for consumers. Today, BAHNER Strumpf GmbH offers knee support stockings, thigh support stockings and support tights from 20den to 140den in fashionable colours in 3 support classes. On 1.1.2010, Florian Bahner took over Bahner Strumpf GmbH in the 14th generation. 14 generations: that goes back a long way. 

Our philosophy

Despite tough competition, the Bahner family has always had a common motto for their hosiery production:

Not the most, but the best!

Florian Bahner has also set himself this goal by developing support stockings of the highest quality which, due to their transparent
transparent look, they are indistinguishable from fine stockings, and yet do a lot for the health of the legs - especially for people
who sit, walk or stand for long periods of time. Our employees inspect every article to ensure that our customers receive only
receive flawless goods.a facilisi.